Set Up Your Staff for Success

Scrubs are high velocity, high value commodities across your facilities. You need an inventory solution that can keep pace.

PAR scrub management solutions allow you to automate tracking and resupply of dispersed scrub supplies. Flexible PAR Excellence hardware allows you to store and monitor gowns, masks, gloves and more in any configuration and location

Leverage Your PAR Technology Backend for All Your Supplies

PAR scrub storage units leverage the same PAR Excellence software and network technology that automates quantity tracking, order assembly, and replenishment guidance for your entire inventory. And you can interface your scrub storage solutions to your ordering and item master systems for greater automation.


Deploy PAR scrub storage solutions in any location, for any number of SKUs.


Caregivers can find the scrubs they need quickly, in stock and ready.


PAR scrub tracking solutions free materials staff from the distraction of cycle counts and assure caregivers that needed garments will be ready at case time.

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The PAR Excellence Integrated Suite of Solutions

PAR Excellence storage solutions quietly and reliably help you simplify the most important task in healthcare supply chain management: putting the right supplies in reach of caregivers with minimal effort. No cycle counting. No guesswork. You always know exactly what you have and what you need. Compatible with your existing storage methods and infrastructure - shelving, cabinets and carts - PAR Excellence storage solutions are the industry's most flexible, powerful way to stay on top of spending and ensure supplies are ready across your facilities.

PAR Excellence software is carefully designed to make our hardware easy to configure and use, while providing powerful, real-time insights for improving your supply operations. Our software helps you get the most out of your PAR Excellence inventory-control infrastructure, enhancing your decision-making and simplifying the task of optimizing your supply chain across your entire institution.

When you choose PAR Excellence, you're connecting with a company that's been helping healthcare institutions of all sizes solve their most difficult supply chain challenges for more than 25 years. From the start, our entire focus has been on listening to our customers' needs, responding with smart solutions that are easy to install and use, and backing those solutions with an unsurpassed service commitment. Call on us. We're ready.