The Go-Anywhere, Manage-Everything Inventory Solution

PAR Bar is the genuine backbone of our innovative weight-based inventory management solution. A single PAR Bar supports multiple bins, delivering scalable, cost-effective inventory automation for any storage location or department.

Attach PAR Bars to wall mounts and mobile standards in any configuration that works for you, and you'll enjoy real-time visibility into supplies across store rooms and closets, nursing stations, and clinics.

PAR Bar technology integrates seamlessly with PAR BINS hardware for flexible single-item storage, all backed by PAR Vision software for detailed inventory analytics and robust reporting.


PAR Bars allow you to quickly scale your storage locations up and down as needed to handle a wide range of SKUs.


PAR Bar technology brings accurate, real-time inventory management to nearly all of your existing storage infrastructure - shelving, cabinets, carts and more. No need to abandon what's already working.


PAR Excellence knows great care relies on supply availability. PAR Bar technology is tested and built to last.

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