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Partnering with PAR Excellence means plugging an experienced problem-solver into your supply chain. We make products that make your life easier.

PAR Excellence inventory storage and monitoring solutions are backed by a service commitment that’s unsurpassed. From initial contact through continued post-installation support, you will have a close, constant connection to a team dedicated to your success. Our solutions are easy to implement and use, yet completely customized to match your institution’s specific needs and timing.

Choose the Implementation Model That Suits Your Needs

PAR Excellence hardware and software are designed and built by dedicated teams of professionals to your institution’s individual specifications. Once your facilities are ready for installation, you have two implementation options, for flexibility in choosing how best to deploy PAR Excellence solutions:

  • Self-install – we ship your hardware to your facilities, then guide your hardware and software installation process remotely.
  • PAR Excellence on-site implementation – an experienced PAR Excellence team visits your sites to perform installation, setup and training tasks. On request, PAR Excellence can configure the physical layout of your PAR locations to maximize efficiency and organization, then install PAR storage hardware to manage quantities and monitor usage automatically.
  • Training – expert, personalized training is available to Materials and Nursing staff. PAR Excellence can train the entire staff or provide a train-the-trainer approach, to equip your own staff to support your rollout.

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