The Solution for Inventory "Self-Control"

Automate inventory easily with PAR Bins. Our weight-based inventory management solution uses precision scales to provide continuous inventory awareness. Set up PAR and reorder values once and then adjust as needed for optimal supply, based on real, real-time intelligence from the point of use.

Like Having Your Supply Chain Take Care of Itself

Your caregivers simply take what they need, so there’s no room for human error in inventory reporting. No more twice-daily cycle counts. PAR Bins storage locations transmit accurate quantities to PAR's software, auto-generating orders and providing clear replenishment guidance for internal inventory fills.

Choose a simple replenishment mode, for take-and-go Simplicity. Or assign items to specific patients for cost accounting or billing. It’s your choice. PAR Bins flexibility allows almost infinite configurations to fit your inventory control needs.


The PAR Bins weight-based inventory solution automates tracking and replenishment, freeing your staff to focus on Optimizing your supply chain.


PAR Bins technology brings accurate, real-time inventory management to nearly all of your existing storage infrastructure - shelving, cabinets, carts and more. No need to abandon what's already working.


PAR Bins can be customized to fit any medical inventory environment, from high-volume clinics to hospitals to nursing homes to ORs.

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