Touch-Button Simplicity

PAR Display and PAR Replenish are probe-based inventory management systems with a proven track record of simplifying key supply tracking and replenishment tasks. The original inventory-automation solution, PAR Excellence legacy product lines deliver outstanding value and reliability for customers who need to extend their probe-based PAR infrastructure to new SKUs, rooms and facilities.

  • PAR Display is the easy, reliable way for caregivers to charge supplies to invididual patients. The caregiver selects a patient from the display board stationed in each storage location, touches the iButtons associated with supplies, and deposits the probe for automatic data upload. PAR Display automatically records usage in real-time. Then, PAR Excellence software provides an accurate window on reorder and stocking needs, usage pacing and patterns, and compliance. Simple and powerful.
  • PAR Replenish is the solution where patient-specific tracking is not required. Caregivers touch the probe to iButtons that can be mounted at virtually any storage location and then deposit the probe for automatic upload. Quick and effective for real-time inventory control that keeps caregivers focused on patients and lets you optimize materials mangement staffing.


PAR probe and button solutions allow you to quickly scale your storage locations up and down as needed to handle a wide range of SKUs.


PAR legacy products work with your existing storage infrastructure - shelving, cabinets, carts and more. No kitchen-sink renovations needed. And PAR button and probe solutions build on your current PAR software backend.


PAR probe and button technologies have been in service with customers for more than 25 years.

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