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Finding out which supplies caregivers are using across your hospital network is only part of the battle. Just as critical is knowing what's not being used, where you're suffering from non-compliance issues, what's being reordered too frequently, what's running short in one place and overstocked in another. PAR Vision has the answer - and helps you visualize your biggest opportunities to save.

Browser-Based Powerhouse for Optimizing Inventory Spend and Distribution

PAR Vision is a browser-based software that lets you collect, track, and analyze data from across your PAR Excellence storage infrastructure.

  • The System Status Dashboard is your real-time window on the PAR system and interface status, user compliance, and open materials management issues. Notifications keep you on top of opportunities to improve charge capture wherever you're using it and rationlize and right-size inventories across your facilities.

  • The robust Reports section provides insights on such critical questions regarding usage pacing, usage by physician and turns.

PAR Vision contains robust data analysis, mining, and reporting features, including drill-down functionality, hit lists, what-if features, and security by function and PAR Location.

PAR Vision also allows you to requisition items through your organization's internal network. Any department can set up requisition templates for stock and non-stock items. Requisitioned items flow through all of your existing PAR Excellence supply chain infrastructure, including interfaces to ordering and materials management systems. This creates a seamless requisitioning experience for you and your users.


PAR Vision gives you insights that go far beyond anything you can obtain from manual inventory control methods.


Browser-based PAR Vision can be accessed on any network PC across your system, with the data you want in the format you need.


PAR Vision works with your internal network for requisitioning and integrates with your existing inventory policies and reporting needs.

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